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About Me: Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by and wanting to get to know me! My name is Kiara, but my family and friends call me Kiki. I was born and raised in Florida, but my ethnicity is Puerto Rican and Cuban. I graduated from UCF with a bachelor’s in Human Communications. And I recently got married to my best friend and love of my life, so yes….I have a soft spot for engagement and wedding photography. I love capturing love! I like playing music while taking photos, being silly and oh you’ll hear me quote lines from “Friends” because it’s my favorite show.

Photography has been apart of my life for so long. It all started back in highschool when I was in the yearbook club and I was in charge of taking photos for certain events. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with creativity, photography, editing and more! That is when my own personal blog was born (

Fun Facts:

What kind of photography is your favorite? I have two types- couples & fashion lifestyle. I love capturing love, so witnessing a couple’s love for one another while being able to get them out of their comfort zones and take photos is my favorite! Now with fashion lifestyle portraits it allows me to explore my creativity because I love fashion so much and it’s another passion of mine. I can be a stylist and photography at the same time and it pushes my abilities.

What describes your photography style? I think it reflects my character, always learning and growing. My style has changed so much, and quite honestly I’m still evolving when it comes to my photography. But I feel like I’m getting closer to defining what exactly is my photography style.

Your favorite lens to shoot with? Hands down, my Sigma 35mm 1.4 art lens. So versatile for most of the work I do!